Pistols & Pollinators is run by Accident & Emergence (A&E), an interdisciplinary arts project founded by Ellie Howitt and Anika Carpenter in 2007. Participants in Pistols & Pollinators (P&P) are paired with someone from a different discipline, to work in a collaborative partnership, giving them the opportunity to take risks with their own creative practice, and explore the process of others. P&P allows the freedom to experiment without the pressure to produce something ‘finished’.

Collaborations begin with a day of creative games, exercises and discussions, at the end of which pairings are announced. Participants then have a set period of time to work together, deciding between themselves the mode of their collaboration and what they might produce. The project closes with an ‘exhibition’ where the results of the collaborations are exhibited, performed, displayed…depending on what has been produced. In May of this year the results of P&P2 will be exhibited at The Albert Project in Kilburn, London.

A&E are joined on each P&P project by a curatorial partner, who assists with the selection of participants. For Pistols & Pollinators 1 A&E were joined by poet Jacqui Saphra, who was instrumental in bringing both emerging and acclaimed poets to the project. This year poet Katrina Naomi has been working with A&E performing the same invaluable role.

This blog has been set up to support Pistols & Pollinators 2 and provide a platform from which creative practice and process, and the pros and con of collaborations, can be explored. Photographer and poet Naomi Woddis, and A&E partner and artist Anika Carpenter will be posting to the blog.



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